I am always so stumped when it gets to the part when you have to talk about yourself! I don't want to over do it by blabbing, but I probably will! I feel blessed that I knew exactly what I wanted to do since high school. Not many people can say that. I can remember sitting in my high school photo class daydreaming about becoming a photographer. I fortunately had the opportunity to attend a school that had a darkroom. It was an amazing little place where I spent almost all of my time in high school. Since then I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I received a Bachelors of Science in Communications Media and Sociology. I continue to educate myself through workshops and classes to produce lifelong images for you to enjoy. I truly cherish this job and couldn't PICTURE doing anything else. Haha get it? Picture :-) ! ? ! My clients are amazing and you keep me doing what I am doing. So a big thanks to all of you !

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